Gentleman’s wardrobe is a world of truth, creativity and skills, a world where luxury is well identified as a goal. In here, passion, the true knowledge of textile, craftsmanship and technology are melted together.
Reaching for “perfection” and taking care of every single detail of production, from the choice of the raw material to the final product itself.

The gentleman is a refined man who knows how to wear in a certain sobriety, distinguishing himself with unique and personal details at the same time. After all, the word elegance comes from the Latin "eligere" that means “knowing how to choose”.


The entry door into the world of Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, the iconic 2-ply 17 microns presented in timeless, immortal colors and designs, for uncompromising sartorial elegance.


A further step towards exclusivity and distinction. Refined hands and ultra-fine wool for clothes with an unmistakable sartorial aesthetic.


From tonic harringbone to Super 180’s, from jackets made with exclusive natural blends to the unmatchable fineness of Super 200’s, ending with a futuristic anti-bacterial and 2-ply travel suit.


From a careful selection of the best cashmere from Mongolia and the finest wool, soft and prestigious fabrics come to life, keeping the gentleman warm and stylish with a sartorial touch.


A Wide Range of Colors, designed to Stimulate your creations. 50 new plain colors, from a wide selection of blue to classic gray and brown, without forgetting bold and exciting shades.


Dainty patterns, for a trendy elegance. Fabrics developed with unique and refined blends. Ultra-breathable performance with unmistakable design, for authentic suits and jackets.


A true gentleman always looks you in the eyes;
He never loses control;
He hides a tuxedo in his wardrobe;
He knows when to say hello, goodbye, please, thank you and after you;
He listens to you carefully;
He never claims to be a gentleman;
He always wears Fratelli Tallia di Delfino

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